Monday, April 18, 2011


So, sorry I missed my post last week it was a good one though. Me and Chan drove down to Lethbridge to visit Kara and see her stores grand opening. while we were there she took us to a little farmers market/ restaurant that had AMAZING food, a craft store, and the Jasmine Tea room where we had some specialty drinks and scones with jam and devonshire cream (delicious stuff). We also stopped in Nanton on our way home for the candy store and some antique shopping.

This week was a much more chilled monday. Chan came and picked me up at around noon and then we headed to whyte ave to have some lunch at the Mongolie grill express. After that we went for a bit of a walk down whyte to the junk cellar and chapters/ starbucks (chantel has to earn her specialty coffee's :) After that we went back to Chan's to craft and blog. Unfortunately I forgot my sketch book at home today so I just looked up inspiration online.

I'll also trying to work on drawing people and I think this is the type of style I might go for:

Well that's all for now

Later Days


  1. Hi KC! I can totally see you drawing people like those tiny ones above :) P.S. Thanks so much for partaking in my poll and your comment!! You made my day :)

  2. Great stuff! Those people are super cool.

    I gots to get me down Whyte Ave one of these days. It's been too long...