Friday, April 8, 2011

The Boob Tube

This tuesday was my cousin Sandee's birthday (Little Happy Birthday shout out there ;) Because of this though I think I've been at her house almost every day this week. Its been alot of fun but let me tell you when I have soccer on Sunday night it is not going to be pretty, way to much cake has been eaten. Anyways she got the first 2 seasons of one of my currently favorite TV shows

I loved it before I watched the complete series of 'Firefly' by the way but I love it and Nathan Fillion even more now that I have. So far this week we have watched the first 5 episodes (I've already seen them all but I'll watch them again so they can catch up to me :) and tonight she's making me dinner and we're plowing through the rest of the season (its only 10 episodes long...)

Another one of my favorite TV shows right now is 'Criminal Minds' which brings me to my secomd shout out of this post... Trina Kison!!!. Trina is fellow mighty Zombie Farmer and Scrapbooker who has started coming and hanging out with us more at the store which we really quite enjoy :) Anyways My absolute favorite character on the show is the tech support lady 'Penelope Garcia' played by Kirsten Vangsness. Tell me they don't look alike...

Honestly they could be twins... well thats all I have to say about and if you don't don't already and you like crime TV you should watch these two because they rock.

Later Days

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