Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last Weekend

I love family Holidays, pretty much I just like the chance to hang out and play games (and eat lots of junk food, the begining of soccer season is NOT going to be fun). Anyways Last weekend was Easter and Chan and Gordon took Scarlett to Radium so I was house sitting for them. Their cat Ferrarri is Crazy and this is the sight I arrived to find...

Dang Cat!!!

After I cleaned that little present up I went out to my aunts for family dinner and games. Me and my cousin Aurora owned at teamed Dutch Bliss, (Now accepting new challengers but beware, we're speedy... ;) I also got to enjoy some amazingly decorated cupcakes that my cousin Paula made
So Cute!!! Little Bunny Bums sticking up in the grass :D They also tasted amazing so I may have had more than one...

Well Thats all for today,
Later Day