Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sorry my post is a little late but I had an awesome weekend visiting an old friend from college in Cranbrook BC this weekend. It was really nice for acouple of reasons.

1) I haven't seen Ashlee in over a year and a half so it was really exciting to be able to make a long weekend for myself and go hang out with her for a few days. While I was visiting we went around town taking pictures of random things (Maybe a future post ;), visited with her family, went to a stand up comedy act, watched the Junos, and I got to watch a rehersal for a one act play shes going to be in. It was really interesting to see that side of the play, and I might be biased but Ashlee was definatly the best one in the play (along with this really funny really old guy, he rocked :)

2) I absolutely LOVE the mountains and the trip between Edmonton and Cranbrook takes me through one of my favorite stretches of road. The entrance to Radium Hot Springs where they had to blow a path through the mountain, when I drive through that I'm always amazed to be there and be literally surrounded by the mountain. Its amazing. I pulled over acouple times to take pictures on my phone as I went (and got pulled over once too, stupid BC police)

3) It gave me the chance to finish my most recent sock monkey (which was subposed to be her christmas present, just a little late :) Ashlee's nick name in college was 'Rex' so I made her a dinosaur sock monkey with short arms (they don't actually look very short but they're 1/2 the size they should be)

I do have to say I'm happy to be home though too, I probably spent about as much time looking at pictures of Scarlett while I was gone as I would have looking at her if I had been home. I'm such a sucker for that kid, it was nice to be able to show pictures of her off too though :D Well till next post

Later Days



  2. Love the Dino Monkey! LOVE that he has stubby little arms!

    Those pictures are awesome...and taken with your phone!?!? Wowza!