Monday, March 21, 2011

My New Goal

So I mentioned last week that me and Chantel now have these 'Play Dates' on monday where we get to just hang out and craft with each other. Well I decided to work on a general crafting skill during our play time, and what I decided on was Grafiti. So first thing this morning (After a stop at starbucks of course ;) Me and Chantel headed to Michaels for some new art supplies for me...
It actually turned out pretty well, they had a sale on their 'Faber-Castell' art sets where if you buy one you get a second one for a penny, definatly took advantage of that. So anyways when I was looking into the idea of learing Grafiti last week I read that the best place to start was to playing around with basic bubble alphas and alter them in any way you like...

While I was playing around with some different ideas I decided to try to make a paperclip alpha (since doing this I've googled it and think my version is way better then anything I've seen there :)

Personally I think it turned out pretty well, it helped that Chan had a paperclip I could play with while doing this so I could actually see if my ideas would work (and how they would work). If anyone comes up with any better options for the 'k' or 'x' (or really any other letter) please let me know because those two were killer hard to come up with.

Anyways, till next week.
Later Days :)

1 comment:

  1. Like that paper clip alphabet. No ideas on K or X though!

    And I really like the letters above that look like metal that has been bolted together (I'm assuming that's what you were going for with those!)