Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Starry Night

Alright, so I was feeling crafty this morning and since my dad is asking people for pages for his current project I decided to paint something. Now Van Gough's starry Night is one of my all time favorite paintings so I decided to make my own, this is what I made:

I used the Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints mixed with the extra-time medium she has to give it some dimension and to give me extra time to get all the colors on before it dried so they would mix together alittle. Here's a close up:

After that I just painted the riff raff eiffel towel black and sprinkled silver glitter on it while the paint was still wet and 'signed' the bottom corner with my page's title. Pretty sweet if I must say so myself :D

Well thats it for now but I'm still feeling pretty inspired so you might get more soon.



  1. that is awesome. love the bold strokes :)

  2. that is beyond super totally radular! love it!!!!!

  3. Yeah! I'm a big fan of the detail! And double yeah for the new look and blog post.

  4. I love this version, and I like the addition of the Eiffel Tower, very unique and great way to make it your own!

  5. I don't think I ever knew you were so good at this stuff! I mean like. you're good! Like good good! I'm impressed. I guess living far away I don't get to see your amazing skills. I really like this. I want this with a bunch of my photos from around the world.