Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Weekend Edition

So I've had a pretty full and exciting weekend (something I finally feel worthy of blogging about anyways :)

It all started Friday afternoon when Me and my awesome cousin Alana headed down to Calgary to watch the Flames take on the Devils. Looking at the two team names now that seems strangely fitting. Anyways Alana is just slightly obsessed with Martin Brodeur and this was the first time she got to see him play live so it was very exciting. You can't really see it in my pictures but she is COMPLETELY decked out in Brodeur stuff. Anyways we Stopped at Michaels on our way out of the city and bought smelly markers and poster boards to make signs for the game (I'm rather proud of our finished products :).

She may have gotten a little over excited a couple times during the game, the other fans around us where surprised she didn't fall out of her seat. Seriously they actually said that. Anyways saddly for Alana the Devils lost 5-3 although they came back in the 3rd and made it a really good game. After the game was over we went and stood outside the arena and waited for all the players to get on the bus and cheered holding our signs as they drove away. It was all very fun :)

I then finished off my weekend by going to see 'Alice in Wonderland' in Imax 3-D with Lisa, Russel, Gordon and Chantel. It was pretty good, I didn't actually realize until I was there that it was a sequile to the story and not a remake but I still really enjoyed it. I just have to say I love Helena Bonham Carter more and more in everything \i see her in she's like the female Johnny Depp.

Well thats it for now but I;ll hopefully have more to post soon so 'Latter Days'

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  1. thanks again for getting the tickets...I owe you!!