Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello Blogging World

So this is the start of my new blog, I'm pretty pumped about this because now I can share all the fun things I do at the store...

(I have to admit this took ALOT of slouching, even for me:)

I can also post about all the projects Me and Chan will be doing together for Elsies Style School. Look Lisa we finally started our binders

Tomorrow we plan on doing some more before we head out to CHA (YEAH!!!!) so I'll hopefully have more to post then but I'll leave you with this little bit of happyness...

My new gloves Chan brought me back from Victoria :)


  1. HELLO! and's about darn time!

    I love the style binders...they look so "store-bought" You should have gone through the Lisa-stash before purchasing those slick new binders and dividers. Oh well...

    And nice mitts.

    And see you after CHA. Bring me back something awesome!

  2. Hi KC

    Shouldn't you be working?!


  3. Welcome! Yeah! Maybe this will keep you out of Farmville!!!!
    I love that your dad wrote that.. I laughed outloud!
    See you soon!

  4. Hello Cassandra,

    How exciting, I didn't know anyone who has a blog, until now!!

    Happy Blogging!!

    Aunty Barb

  5. Hey KC! Your blog looks GREAT and you are SO popular holy cow! this will be 5 comments in less than a day! How do I be you??? Love ya! :)

  6. Comment Number 6!! Happy to see you on the blog train KC!